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About us

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Japanese kimonos are beautiful and have artistic value.  The motifs of

Japanese nature and customs are expressed by dyeing and embroidery by

hand on the fine silk fabrics.


However, wearing a two-meter-long kimono requires a great deal of technique.

This is where we come in, we re-tailored the kimono to make it easier to wear.


Further more, a prestigious kimono with a beautiful pattern on the hem cannot

simply be cut short.  We solved this problem with great care and succeeded in

creating a design that meets your needs.


It is our pleasure to see Japanese traditions make women around the world more

regal and flourishing.


Our creation is each unique piece crafted from traditional kimono of fine pure silk

with dyeing and embroidery all done by hand.  With an artisanal workmanship of

French Haute Couture, it offers a perfect match of luxury and comfort.

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