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Meanings of Symbols in Kimono Patterns

Various symbols are used in kimono patterns, each with a hidden meaning.

Crane 鶴 : Longevity, Marital bliss

It has been used for a long time as a symbol of longevity as it is said that “cranes live for a thousand years”.

In addition, it is also a symbol of a married couple's harmoniousness because the pair of cranes live together for the rest of their lives due to the characteristics of the crane.

For this reason, the crane pattern is often used in wedding costumes.

1-2 鶴 7af342e6085f9872e5ca6b99e0343ba1.jpg
1-3鶴 15cf00503b4e4c3fa21ef05dacadd626.jpg

Phoenix 鳳凰 : Peace, Harmonious couple

The phoenix is ​​an imaginary bird.

There is an ancient saying that "when a peaceful and happy world comes, a phoenix will appear," and like the crane, it has been loved as a water bird that symbolizes celebration.


Shochikubai (bamboo, pine and plum) 松竹梅 : Vitality,  Power of Life

Shochikubai is a combination of pine, bamboo, and plum that is indispensable for ceremonies.

"Pine" grows in a harsh environment full of sand and rocks, and has solid dark green leaves even in the middle of winter.

"Bamboo" grows straight toward the sky, and has fresh green leaves throughout the year.
"Plum" opens its buds at the end of the cold winter, earlier than any other flower, and gives off a mellow scent.

3-0松竹梅 pixta_36950823_S.jpg

Fan 扇 : Bright future

This is one of the most celebrated patterns because of the fan's spreading shape.

As the name "Suehirogari(spreading toward the end)“ suggests, it means a bright outlook for the future.

In Japan, it has been customary since the Muromachi period (1336-1573) to give a fan as a gift for celebration, and even today, people often carry a fan when they wear kimono as formal wear.

4-2 扇 ougi.jpg

Noshi 熨斗: Blessing from many people

"Noshi" is a ribbon-like decoration that is attached to gifts during celebrations. It was attached to an offering to God.

The noshime is a pattern of many noshis bundled together, which means to be blessed by many people and to share that happiness with everyone.

It is also a very congratulatory pattern that represents bonds and connections between people, and is also considered a symbol of longevity because of its length.

5-0熨斗目 08a02b981b566e668215c5cba04f2608.jpg
5-1熨斗目 img08.jpg

Kanzesui 観世水 : Beautiful Future

Kanze water is a blue swirl-like figure.
It represents a beautiful future, like the stream of water that is constantly changing but remains, as in "flowing water never rots“.

6-0観世水 02529a3ae3ef9f62ce3ad8d9362dfbda_s.jpg
6-1観世水 t-27-632_1.jpg

Flower car 花車 : Gorgeous and Graceful

It is a design with beautiful flowers of the four seasons on an ox carriage that was ridden by aristocrats in the Heian period (794-1185). It expresses gorgeous flowers and the elegance of the aristocracy.

7-2 花車 28509788e5f5054580c7473ea796559a_cf8c64e86d451cb5485d73fba388b01b.jpg
7-1 花車 6fa8cb7c88a949a5331ff88a66a341.jpg
7-0花車 0F4A0631.jpg
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